Maruzen aps2

The Maruzen APS2 is the top competitor for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10. It, alongside the VSR-10, is considered as one of the best spring sniper system. They are both very similar, with the only major difference being the hop up and trigger. The APS2 is actually the name of the internal operating system. The picture you see on the right is the original APS2. However, the Type 96, modeled aftered the famous British sniper rifle, the L96, shares the almost identical operating system. When mentioning an APS2, it is almost always refering to the type 96. Maruzen rifles are relatively hard to find as they are made in batches, so when they are out of stock, they could be out of stock for a while. However, Well has produced a 100% APS2 compatible clone of it, and calls it the Mb-01. Other companies like UTG and Double Eagles rebrands the original Well clone. It is generally advised to buy the UTG, as the company itself is based in the United States. Therefore, customer service and quality control is much better. UTG markets their rebrand as the MK96. Newer UTG MK96's have a reinforced steel sear set that can handle a M150 spring, instead of the m130 or 140 in the older models. This means minimal upgrading (piston and spring guide need to be replaced) will be needed if you want to upgrade to a m150. However, anything higher than that, you will need to buy a upgraded trigger box such as the Laylax Zero-Trigger or the PDI v-Trigger. UTG makes a APS2 look-alike and calls it the Master Sniper series. However, it is not 100 percent APS2 compatible, and one should avoid it. Because of the lack of Maruzen APS2's in both the original and type 96 form, and due to the fact that most clone APS2's are type 96's, one is almost always refering to the Type 96 due to how common it is. Maruzen's SR-2 are also based on the APS2, however, it has a fixed hop up unit. The SR stands for Simple Rifle. The Well MB-06 is the direct clone of it, except it features adjustable hop up. Echo 1 and TSD rebrands the original Well model. Echo 1 calls it the ASR and TSD calls it the SD98.

The APS2 utilizes the 90 degree trigger mech, and is much better in design and structurally than the 45 degree mech used in the VSR-10. The way the pressure is distributed throughout the trigger box is different in that with a 45, a lot of pressure is put into the trigger box and sear. however, with the 90 degree system, most of the pressure is put on the sear. The trigger box only acts as a box to hold the sears, springs, trigger, and set pin together. This is the reason why Maruzen uses a plastic trigger box because they never felt the need nor a metal trigger box. With the UTG type 96, even with a m150, the plastic trigger box will hold perfectly fine.

The original APS2, Type 96, and SR-2, and its DIRECT clones are the only rifles that utilizes the APS2 system. The APS2 has a wealth of upgrade parts available from companies like PDI, Laylax, and Polar Star. If you do not like the TM VSR-10 style, it is equally beneficial to go for the Maruzen APS2 series, and vice versa. Fully upgraded, both are equal competitors on the field, with the major factor in deciding the two is personal preference.

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