The Tokyo Marui VSR-10 was one of the earliest airsoft sniper rifles. It is modeled after the Remington Model 700, a rifle renowned for its accuracy at a relatively cheap price. It remains a popular choice among airsoft snipers rifles to this day.

General Information:

The TM VSR-10 is priced reasonably at around 220 USD. However, many variants of the original VSR (the Pro Sniper) exist, such as the G-Spec, Real Shock, and Pro Hunter. The G-Spec has a shorter barrel, but comes with a silencer; the Real Shock is identical to the Pro Sniper version, but has lead weights around the piston for "simulated recoil"; and the Pro-Hunter variant is exactly the same as the Pro Sniper, but the barrel and reciever has a silver finish. Upgrade parts are compatible with these varients, except for the barrel length and barrel spacer for the g-spec. The VSR shoots at a standard Japansee velocity of 275 FPS. This is typically very low for a sniper rifle, but Tokyo Marui manufactures one of the best stock hop up chambers, buckings, and barrels, giving it an very tight grouping at long range, even with its low stock power.


The TM VSR-10 is a very popular rifle, but it is also very expensive for a new player. Chinese companies such as JG, Well, and AGM took advantage of this and began cloning, or making cheap copies of, the TM VSR. The JG BAR-10 is the best chinese clone to get out of these, as it is a 100% Marui clone, meaning it can take upgrade parts designed for the TM VSR-10 without any problem. The Well Mb-03 (which is a copy of the Pro Sniper) and the Mb02 (which is a clone of the G-spec, but does not come with a silencer) is also Marui compatible, but suffers from bad quality control, and the AGM MP001 and MP002 (both share indentical internals, but differ in the design of the stock) are based upon the TM design, but are indentical. Therefore, stay away from AGM bolt actions at all cost. HFC, a taiwanese company, produces a the USR-11, which is a direct copy of the TM Real Shock VSR-10. Socom Gear rebrands this gun, and calls it the Socom Gear R700. The Socom Gear has slightly higher quality control. Due to the recent shortage of JG Bar-10's due to the Chinese government crackdown on airsoft manufactures, JG Bar-10's have been increasingly hard to find, and now the Socom Gear and HFC VSR-10's are the main go to's for VSR-10 clones.


Sniping is not like in the movies where you can pick off a target from a mile away. The maximum range for stock airsoft electric guns is 150 feet, with stock Marui VSR clones shooting even less than that. However, tuning a rifle to shoot with fair accuracy upwards of 80-100 meters is possible. To achieve this, an airsoft rifle must be highly upgraded and tuned. Due to the popularity of the TM VSR-10, aftermarket companies such as PDI make many aftermarket parts. The most popular manufacturers are PDI, Laylax, Action Army, and Angel Custom, among other manufacturers for specific parts such as EDGI for barrels and DangerWerx for hop arms.

PDI: PDI is generally considered to be the "Cadlilac" of airsoft parts. They make wonderful barrels, but many of their products are overpriced and unnecessary unless you are not worried about the price.

Laylax: Laylax is similar to PDI in that they make very nice parts. However, many of their parts could be replaced with cheaper parts that work just as well.

Action Army: Commonly abbreviated as AA, Action Army makes clones of Laylax parts that often work just as well or only slightly worse than their much more expensive counterparts.

Angel Custom: Angel Custom makes fancy, expensive parts, prone to breaking after a week of use. Not typically reccomended.

EDGI: EDGI makes very nice barrels.

DangerWerx: DangerWerx makes hopup evers for the VSR-10. They are CNC machined and are very durable. They comes in two configurations-Type A, for flat buckings, and Type B for ridged buckings.

45 degree vs. 95 degree:

TM's stock trigger mechanism utilizes the 45 degree mech. the 45, denotes the angle in which the piston and the piston sear enganges. This system works fine in lower power springs, as this system gives an extremely light trigger pull. However, this system is also extremely fragile when using a high power spring. With a high power spring, if not every part is secured, made to extremely tight tolerances, and well, made badly, the piston will slip over the sear. This is because at the 45 degree angle, a lot of the force is directed upwards. This makes it an extremely fragile system. The 90 degree system remedies this because it engages the piston at a 90 degree angle. Meaning that all the pressure is directed along the line of the cylinder. The 2 major advantages is that this way, it is much more secure, and pushing the cylinder back to chamber a new round, becomes extremely easy. A 90 degree system, is generally much more better than a 45 degree system.


The TM VSR-10 is one of the best sniper rifles to buy out of the box, one of the best to upgrade, and when upgraded, can be one of the most accurate rifles at your local field, surpassed only by highly customized sniper rifles. It is the grandfather of every spring sniper rifle that exists, as all others employ similar principles in their design. If you want to snipe, the TM VSR-10 is the way to go.

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