The airsoft BB is a spherical projectile that is non-lethal upon impact. They are available in many different colors and weights. They differ from a BB gun BB by that these are mostly never full metal, are larger in size, and are not fired at as high of a velocity.

Types of BB's Edit

There are many different types of BB's, differing in size and color. The standard size of a BB is 6 mm, however they make an 8 mm BB for Marushin guns and other exotic airsoft rifles. They are chiefly made from plastic, but this can also differ, as multiple different types of BB materials exist. BB's are made from plastic (main material), rubber, aluminium-covered (sort of like a Full Metal Jacket), paintball, and marker BB's. There are also multiple different colors and styles for BB's. The main colors are white and black, but they also are made in green, red, blue, yellow, orange, and many more. They even make clear BB's that come in lots of shades and are used with a tracer system to make the BB light up like a real tracer.

Bio-Degradable BBs Edit

Bio degradable BB's are BB's that after time dissolve into the ground, making it more enviromentally friendly. However, some people have claimed that they do not dissolve into the ground, they will not dissolve anytime soon. Many makers have made some sort of BIo-BB, such as Airsoft Elite, MAtrix, and even Crosman. In fact, there is a brand of BB's that are purely biodegradable called Bioval.

Speed-loaders Edit

BBs may often come in speed loaders (or "quick-loaders") that with many guns pour BBs into the magazine. They consist of a plastic bottle with a neck at the top. Another type of speed-loader involves pouring the bbs into a handheld mechanism and injecting them into the magazine by pushing down on a tab on the top of the speed-loader.

BB WeightsEdit

The most common BB weight is the .2 gram bb, which is ideal for CQB guns and pistols. .12g bbs are typically lower quality and it is not suggested that you use them for anything other than cheap spring pistols. BBs can, however, weigh as much as .48g in some cases. Heavier bbs don't fly as fast, but they do hit harder and are generally more accurate, making them ideal for sniper rifles.

.12g - 100 to 250 FPS

.20g - 250 to 350 FPS

.23g/.25g - 350 to 450 FPS

.28g/.30g - 450 to 500 FPS

.32g and higher - 500+ FPS

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