Welcome! This is your beginner's guide to Airsoft. Rules and necessary tools to play airsoft, as well as a brief explanation of the sport, will be covered here.

Getting Started[]

Chances are, you heard of airsoft from a friend or a neighbor. Anybody close to you, in essence.

Airsoft is a sport/game played mainly for recreation. Players of opposing teams will fire nonlethal spherical projectiles called "Ball Bearings or BB's" at each other. Typical game rules dictate that if you are hit once, you are out (at least temporarily).

You can play airsoft at a local "Airsoft Field" near you. Backyard playing is highly advised-against, and brandishing your airsoft gun in public is almost always illegal. here's a complete guide on starting airsoft

What you'll need[]

The mock firearms used for airsoft are the aptly named "Airsoft Guns" or Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF). Getting started, you'll want an LPEG to take to your first game. Leave the springers at home.

Most Airsoft sites supply rentals for a fee, this will include a full face mask, gloves and possibly a standard rifle depending on the site.

Other gear, such as vest and camouflage clothing, is not required but highly recommended. However, eye protection is MANDATORY for any Airsoft player. In fact, just about all games require players to wear proper eye protection. Wear specifically designed Airsoft glasses at the very least, with a paintball mask recommended.

All under 18's are required to wear full face protection.


Contrary to what your parents or others might think, airsoft is a fun yet safe sport/game IF, and ONLY IF safety guidelines are followed. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dead Men Don't Talk - If you are hit, you must NEVER call out enemy positions to your team, you can only call for a medic to bring you back into the fight (that is if the site you are playing at allows medics).
  • Call Your Hits - When you take a hit raise your hand and shout "HIT" nice and loud to signal you are dead to the enemy player, be sure to do this unless you are absolutely certain the hit was from a ricochet shot. Failing to do this will result in an unfair experience for others and will result in you being banned from the site as people DO NOT take kindly to this.
  • No Overkill - Once you know the player is hit, stop shooting him/her. Repeatedly shooting dead players may result in injury but will result in a very angry player and possibly even a marshal getting involved.
  • Never, ever fire at someone without proper protection. You'll regret it later on.
  • Never, ever fire without your eye protection (Metal mesh eye visor/goggles or Airsoft plastic visor/goggles). You only have 2 eyes, treat them well.
  • When not playing, keep magazines out your weapon, safeties on, barrel covers on, and ensure the gun is pointing in a safe direction (either to the ground or straight up).
  • Always treat airsoft guns as if they're loaded, even when you know they're not.
  • Don't bring airsoft guns in public without a gunbag. A kid once got shot by the police due to bringing a airsoft AK-47 in public.
  • Don't use glass or metal BB's as this can damage your weapon.