Darkray1810 Darkray1810 13 January 2017

Airsoft Achievements/Challenges

Post: Hello there! Assuming there is still anyone who reads these posts, I would like to propose what I think is an entertaining idea: Airsoft is a great, fun sport, but some friends and I decided it would be even more fun with some achievements, just like the ones in videogames,but all related to airsoft. There are not a lot of them on the internet, so I figured I would post some and maybe you could add your own ideas! Here are mine, hope you enjoy and post yours:

- Head On! [Engage the enemy in a direct line of fire] - No Man Left Behind [Revive a downed teammate] - Beginners Luck [Kill an enemy with much more experience than you.]

- Et tu, Brute? [Knife a teammate]

- NutShot [Shoot someone in the nuts] - Tacticool [Have 5+ attachments on y…

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Veryedt Veryedt 19 May 2012

New look

I guess that everyone is probably busy, but I have an idea for the new look.

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