CYMA is an airsoft manufacturer best known for their work with low price spring and electric guns. They have several inexpensive, but above average quality Tokyo Marui clones on the market. However, some of their newest additions to their arsenal have been higher quality AK variant clones of VFC and other high end manufacturers. Also some variants of M4 replicas have been added. These rifles are respected by airsofters for their quality to dollar ratio. Especially the fullmetal AEGs have gotten fairly popular because of their rather well made bodies and great quality. CYMA's guns are becoming very popular in the airsofting community. There are few problems with CYMA as a brand such as bad quality control (some guns come in awful shape while others of the same model can contend with G&G and E&L in terms of build quality). The old gearboxes in their cm.28 and below line have problems with hole placement for bearings which result in a durability issue with the gears, they also tend to have wobbly rear leaf sights which are often fixed with some cheap loctite.



  • Beretta M92F - (CM. 126)
  • Colt 1911 - (CM. 123)
  • Heckler & Koch USP.45 - (CM. 125)
  • Sig Sauer P226 - (CM. 122)
  • IWI Desert Eagle - (CM. 121)
  • Glock G18C - (CM. 030)


  • AK AIMS 3700 (CM-050)
  • AK AIMS PMC (CM-050A)
  • AK Tactical (CM-028U)
  • AK47 (CM-046)
  • AK74U (CM-035A)
  • AKMSU (CM-048SU)
  • AK47 (CM-028)
  • AKM (CM-036)
  • AK 74 (CM-031)
  • AKS 74U (CM-045)
  • AK 105 (CM-040l)
  • Galil AR (CM-043)
  • M4 RIS (CM-507/CM-506/CM-007/CM-002)
  • M4 RAS (CM-508/CM-005)
  • M4 Keymode (CM-515)
  • M4 A1 (CM-002)
  • M4 SS (CM-008)
  • Famas F1 (CM-038)
  • G36C (CM-0011)
  • AK 47 (CM-022)
  • M14 Socom Black (CM-032A-BK)
  • M14 Socom OD (CM-032A-OD)

Submachine gunsEdit

  • MP5 w/B&T style Folding Stock (CM-041)
  • MP5A4 Ras (CM-041B)
  • MP5J (CM-049J)
  • MP5K PDW (CM-041PDW)
  • P90 TR (CM-060)
  • P90 TRK (CM-060A)
  • P90 SD (CM-60B)
  • PP 19 Bison (CM-058)
  • Thompson M1A1 (CM-033)


  • M14 Real Wood (CM-032C)
  • M14 Wood Abs (CM-032)
  • M14 EBR Silver (CM-032EBR-SV)
  • M24 (CM.702)
  • M16 (CM-009)


  • Remington m870 (cm.350)
  • Remington m870 metal (cm.350m)
  • Remington m870 long (cm.350l)
  • Remington m870 metal long (cm.350lm)
  • Remington m870 magpul furniture (cm.355)
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