CYMA made a good job at giving the gun itself a nice feeling and an overall good handling(considering it's a Desert Eagle). Having a relatively high percentage of metal in the body and a full-metal slide, the weight pushes closely to a kilogram. Overall outer built quality is on the first sight very nice, because of the mat-black colour that doesn't look to cheap, the texture of the grip and so on.

If a quick acces to the hop-up is needed, this gun is perfect for you. Just release the slide by cocking back the hammer and slide it forth. You can even shoot it while adjusting the unit without having to put everything back. So lining up the shots with the barrel direction is rather easy.

Getting to the inner parts, CYMA doesn't use a a standard gearbox. It says "modificated metal-gearbox". Also you can't easily find a spring to get higher FPS cause the diameter is about 0,5cm and lengthwise 12cm.


Range: 20 meters

Fire mode: Semi, Auto

Material: Metal & ABS

Magazine: 30 BBs(Metal)

Velocity: 205 FPS

Energy: 0.4 Joule

Hop-Up: Adjustable

Akkytype: 7,2 Volt Ni-Mh

Gearbox: Modificated metal-gearbox

Length: 270mm

Weight: 998g