This page has been marked for deletion. An Airsoft team is a group of players who skirmish together as a group, either causually or in more serious milsim style operations. Most teams use specific loadouts and uniform rules to define themselves (although casual teams may not choose to this). Some also choose to use team patches which display their own unique insignia.

Below is a list of some Airsoft teams:

Team Name League Location
F.E.A.R Airsoft Team US
The White Knights UK
Green Mountain Rangers US
Team kgb UK
Southside Bushwackers Central Georgia Airsoft League US
E.T.A.G (spanish language)



More detailed listings can be obtained from airsoft team database sites, most notably Airsoft Teams Database.[[Media:Media:Example.ogg[[Media:Media:Example.oggMedia:Example.ogg]]]]

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