In October of 2009, The chinese government Cracked down on airsoft gun manufactors. They sezied and destroyed over 100,000 guns. The reason's for their actions are unknown but a few theories exist, but the most previalent was that airsoft companies were manufacturing real gun part's as part of a revoultionary cause but this has yet to be proven. Many manufacturing companies were based in china and were caught in the crackdown such as Jing gong, CYMA, D-boys,ACM, and SRC. Some people see this as a good thing since some believe that the flood of chinese gun's were destroying airsoft by allowing many new people to come into the sport. However, many others believe that chinese gun's allowed more people who might normally be scared away at the cost of the sport to join. Some companies have managed to start shipping out small amounts of guns but this doesn't come close to meeting demand. Rumors have circulated that some companies are trying to relocate to taiwan but nothing has surfaced so far.

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