Echo1USA is an airsoft company aimed towards offering new players more affordable airsoft guns and products. Their quality is on the low to low-medium scale (some would say, on par with JG, Dboys, and WELL). For this reason, Echo1 is a commonly used "loaner" gun that many commercial airsoft arenas rent out en masse (it's a cheap fix when a frequently rented gun breaks). 

Echo 1 products boast higher than average FPS, which lures in many new players to their products. New players should be aware that maximum muzzle velocity is not as important as build quality and consistent muzzle velocity. To keep engineering and labor costs down, Echo 1 does not properly shim their gears ( a time consuming operation). For this reason, it is wiser to save up for more reliable starter brands like G&G or Lonex, and only use an Echo 1 gun as a back up. 

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