This page has been marked for deletion. The Green Mountain Rangers (GMR) was the example of the pinnacle of airsoft milsim vanity teams. Based out of Long island, the GMR "unit" has attended plenty of national events but was banned in the US for bad conduct from some of their more notable players (Op Lion Claw, Op Irene (no longer allowed back) along with international events (Berget).

Frequently unpopular with other teams due to rumors and reputation of poor sportsmanship and taking the "mil-sim" aspect of gameplay too severely.

"Innovations" included employing "tactical pedaling" bicycles to traverse military MOUT facilities during games.

Please Follow the Green Moutain Rangers..

'Ban Information'

This information over a year old now, and previous actions of this group may or may not be applicable to the current group.

Ban by Lion Claw Reason

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