JG HK416 is a AEG made by JG.



The box is a nice box with a picture of the gun and a crest thing that says "Golden Eagle".

The Gun[]

The rails, handguard, bolt cover, charging handle, front and rear sight, flash hider, bolt release, sling mounts, lower trigger guard , and trigger are all metal. The body is plastic,


The Internals are a Version 2 type. From what I hear, it is a Systema cloned gearbox. Removing the rear pin reveals the top half of the gearbox. It is painted Black. I was really impressed and I think JG has outdone themselves this time. Chromed type cylinder (not brass) Metal spring guide Metal Bushings Polycarb piston

Gun Issues And Drawbacks[]

  • Wobbly Front Assembly
  • Not Metal Bushings
  • Bad Shimmings
  • Too Much Grease Inside The Gearbox
  • Pretty Expensive For A Chinese Gun