Jing Gong is also known as Golden Bow. It is a Chinese-based subsidiary company (owned by Fujian Fuxing Industry Paintball Marker Co. Ltd, a Chinese state owned company) that sells good quality weapons for relatively low prices. Echo 1 are Jing Gong guns which are rebranded. They build Mpeg-Hi end guns are are moving to focus more on the higher end. Their guns range in price from 100 dollars to 250 dollars.

They sometimes rebrand their products with the name "Golden Eagle".



AR Series RiflesEdit

  • JG HK416
  • JG M16
  • JG M4
  • JG M4 S-System
  • JG M16A4
  • JG M16A1
  • JG M4 Stubby

AK Series RiflesEdit

  • JG Magpul Ak
  • JG Ak Beta Spetsnaz
  • JG Ak-47
  • JG Ak Tactical
  • JG Ak-47S
  • JG Ak-74
  • JG Aks74u

G36 riflesEdit

  • JG G36c
  • JG G36k
  • JG G36 KSK
  • JG G36 W/Bipod
  • JG SL8
  • JG SL9

AUG Rifles

  • JG AUG A-1
  • JG AUG A-2
  • JG AUG A-3
  • JG AUG A-4


  • JG MP5
  • JG MP5 SD6
  • JG MP5 RAS
  • JG MP5 A4
  • JG MP5 A5

P90 SMGEdit

  • JG PS90
  • JG P90

G3 RiflesEdit

  • JG G3SG1
  • JG G3 RAS
  • JG G3A4
  • T3 SAS-G
  • JG G3 A3


  • JG VZ61-Skorpion


M700 RiflesEdit

  • JG BAR-10

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