Madbull Airsoft is a airsoft manufacturer that is licensed by many firearms company to made their replicas. Madbull, however, hasn't made a airsoft gun, although they announced that Kel-Tec has given them license to manufacture KSG shotgun replica.

Their products range from inner barrels, foregrips, RIS, To grenade launchers.


Airsoft Guns[]

  • KSG(announced, upcoming)

External Spare Parts And Attachments[]

Spare Parts[]

RIS and Handguards[]

  • Noveske Handguards
  • SCAR Rail Extension
  • Daniel Defense Lite Rail
  • Daniel Defense M4 Rail
  • Daniel Defense MK18 Rail
  • Daniel Defense Modular Float Rail
  • Daniel Defense Omega Rail
  • Daniel Defense Omega-X Rail
  • Dragon Fire CNC Handguard Rail
  • JP Rifle Handguards
  • Patriot Kit
  • PWS Diablo RIS
  • PWS M4 Rail
  • Spike's Tactical BAR Rail
  • SWS Handguard
  • Troy TRX Battle Rail
  • Viking Tactical Rail


  • MFT Battle Utility Stock
  • Troy M4 Batlle Ax Stock
  • Ace Tactical Stock Base
  • Ace Stock Tube For M4
  • Ace stock 7-position tube
  • Ace skeleton stock
  • Ace SOCOM Stock
  • Ace Ultra Lite stock

Barells, Gas Blocks, Flash Hiders,  And Mock Suppressors[]

  • PBS-01 Silencer For AK-series
  • PBS-04 Silencer For AK-series
  • Echo 1 MK1 Suppresor
  • OSS Back Pressure Regulator Mock Suppresor
  • Delta P Design BREVIS Barrel Extension
  • DNTC-01 FSC flash hider
  • M9 Hitman Compensator
  • Barrett REC7 Gas Block Kit
  • Daniel Defense Outer barrel
  • Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas Block
  • Gemtech Outback Silencer
  • Gemtech Raptor 2 Silencer
  • Gemtech Trinity 9MM silencer
  • Gemtech Blackside silencer
  • Gemtech HALO SIlencer
  • JP rifle outer barrel
  • Adam Arms Gas Block Kit
  • King Armory Flash hider
  • Noveske Amplifiers
  • Noveske Outer Barell
  • Noveske Adjustable Gas Block
  • PWS Diablo Compensator
  • Quicksilver Silencer
  • Surefire Silencers
  • SWR Barell Extension
  • Whisper Dummy Suppresor