PDR is a aeg made by Magpul PTS.


PDR stands for personal defense rifle. It uses a bullpup design and accept m4 mags. The built in material is Polycarbonate.


Built in material is polycarbonate, meaning that it wont be as heavy as other metal aegs. Since PDR is A personal defense weapon, it is compact and uses a bullpup design. Upper rail is a standard m1913 picanitty rail for mounting optics, ironsights,and accesories.

There have also been issues about the retaining tabs that holds the upper and lower receiver together. These tends to break easily.


The gearbox is a hybrid design. The gearbox has a quick release spring feature, with 8MM bearings.

Gun Issues And Drawbacks[]

  • Short Pistol Grip (Limited Battery Space)
  • Non-Adjustable Cheek Rest
  • Long Trigger Pull
  • Heavy, proprietary Gearbox
  • Stiff Mag Release
  • Unreliable Selector Design


Sources And References[]