Contrary to what your parents or others might think, airsoft is a fun yet safe sport/game IF, and ONLY IF safety guidelines are followed. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Never, ever fire at someone without proper protection. You'll regret it later on.
  • Never, ever fire without your eye protection (prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, generic safety goggles do not count) on. You only have 2 eyes, treat them well.
  • When not playing, keep magazines out of their magwells, safeties on, barrel covers on, and ensure the gun is pointing in a safe direction (either to the ground or straight up).
  • Always treat airsoft guns as if they're loaded, even when you know they're not.
  • Honor the rules of airsoft. One hit and you're out. Not calling your hits annoys the hell out of players and you might as well expect them to empty a high-cap in your face and be banned from that arena.
  • Don't bring airsoft guns in public without a gunbag. A kid once got shot by the police due to bringing a airsoft AK-47 in public.
  • Don't use glass or metal BBs in a game, you could blind somebody's eyes if you do that.