Saftey is one of the most important things in airsoft.

The basics[]

Airsofting cannot be played with bare eyes, so goggles are a standard. They can be like regular glasses or they can strap on. They are made of a protective plastic, although plastic sunglasses also work if the guns fire at a fps below 270 with a .12g bb, but are not reccomnded. Most fields and players require that the protective plastic ANSI 78.1 rating for the airsofter to play. The masks that are made of mesh wiring can be VERY dangerous and are penetrated easily by some of the more higher-powered guns. They are great when just starting airsoft but when you start to get serious, get rid of the mesh! They can also be dangerous when beginning airsoft if you are using very low quality bbs as chips may come off when they hit the metal wires.


NOTE: Please keep in mind that these are optional

Airsofters will sometimes wear thick ski masks and goggles to protect their faces, but the more practical way is to wear an airsoft mask. They are made of protective plastic, with mesh eye protection. However, some Airsoft BBs may shatter on impact, thus explaining why mesh is impractical for mid-high level airsofters. Paintball masks, with plastic eye protection, are also worn.

BB proof vests[]

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Some people prefer to wear BB proof vests, which soften the BB's impact. This is not really reccomened unless the opposing gun is very powerful. These are often just impact resistant cloth, but some foam padded ones are available, or can be made.