Tokyo Marui (know as TM to most), is a high quality Japanese airsoft and were one of the very first companies to release an Airsoft Electric Gun, or an AEG. Since their first attempts they have gone from strength to strength and are still one of the most popular and reliable airsoft weapon manufacturers in the world.

Their range of replicas now covers most of the worlds infantry weapons from the venerable M14 through the armalite series (M16, M4, etc) to the FAMAS, P90 and G36. They also make a wide variety of shotguns, pistols and underslung grenade launchers and accessory parts. The average FPS rating is lower than normal at 270-290 due to Japanese law regarding airsoft, and the average cost of one is $240-$280.

These may also be upgraded to shoot at higher FPS than the stock versions, but this can be very expensive. The possible parts range from piston-heads, for a gearbox, to high-flow valves, for their few gas-powered pistols.


Airsoft gunsEdit



  • TM M16VN
  • TM M16A1
  • TM M16A2
  • TM M4 S-system
  • TM M733


  • TM AK 47
  • TM AK 47s
  • TM AK 47 High Cycle Custom
  • TM AKS74U
  • TM AKS74N
  • TM AK Beta Spetsnaz

Heckler & KochEdit

  • TM G36C
  • TM PSG-1
  • TM G3 SG/1
  • TM G3 SAS
  • TM Type 89 Rifle

Springfield ArmoryEdit

  • TM M14
  • TM M14 SOCOM

FN HerstalEdit

  • TM P90

Auto OrdnanceEdit

  • TM Thompson M1A1


  • TM MP7A1
  • TM MAC-10


Recoil shock seriesEdit

FN HerstalEdit
  • TM SCAR-L Recoil Shock AEG
  • TM SCAR-H Recoil Shock AEG
Heckler & KochEdit
  • TM HK416 Recoil shock AEG


Colt HandgunsEdit
  • TM Centimeter Master EBB
  • TM Combat Delta EBB
Berreta HandgunsEdit
  • TM M92F EBB
  • TM M9A1 EBB



Hi- Capa HandgunsEdit

  • TM Hi-Capa 5.1
  • TM Hi-Capa 4.3

Berreta HandgunsEdit

  • TM M92F

Glock HandgunsEdit

  • Glock 17
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 26 Advance

FN Herstal HandgunsEdit

  • FN 5-7

Spring poweredEdit


  • TM Benelli M3 Super 90
  • TM Franchi SPAS 12

Model 700 (VSR-10)Edit

  • TM VSR 10

Accuracy International

  • TM L96 AWS

Colt HandgunsEdit

  • M1911
  • Centimeter master

Beretta HandgunsEdit

  • M92F

Glock HandgunsEdit

  • Glock 17

Spare Parts, Accesories, And AttachmentsEdit

Spare partsEdit


  • 26 Rd Magazine for M1911 GBB
  • 30 Rd shell for 3 shot shotguns
  • M320 GL shell
  • Gas tank for m870
  • 50/82 rd hi cap magazine for hk416d
  • 40 Rd magazine for mp7 gbb
  • 330 Rd hi cap magazine for steyr aug
  • 25 rd magazine for p226
  • 26 rd magazine for xdm.40
  • 540 rd hi cap magazine for SCAR-h
  • 31 Rd magazine for hi capa 5.1
  • 40 rd extended magazine for m1911 gbb
  • 30/430/82 Rd magazine for M4
  • 140 rd magazine for M4 sopmod
  • 25 rd magazine for px4 gbb
  • 50 rd magazine for glock gbb
  • 230 rd magazine for boys aeg
  • 400 rd hi cap drum magazine for mp5 aeg
  • 70rd short magazine for type 89
  • 25 rd magazine for G17 custom gbb
  • 50 rd extended magazine for hi capa
  • 40 rd magazine for l96
  • 26 rd magazine for fn five seven
  • 32 rd extended magazine for m92f gbb
  • 500 rd hi cap magazine for G3 AEG
  • 600 rd hi cap magazine for AK AEG