Special Forces Model


The gun has two switches that release a mag of 15/bbs! Which it can be sort of finicky to beginners because its under the trigger and beside the grip.The gun is spring powered and is not well known. The gun comes with 100 Crosman/Walther bbs the Tactical and Special versions come with 500 bbs. No versions come with a mask.


The gun came out in April 2006 by Classic Army. It was the only version of the gun that was a AEG [electronic airsoft gun]. The second version came out under Walther in September 2008 with spring powered/blowback manual, a pack of grenades [Germany], a grip and 200 bbs. Soon, it sold 2,000 units per week and was in twenty-five countries. In 2010, the Tactical came out with better accuracy and a tactical rail/sight. It was highly unpopular. The handle was bent back too far and created a better view but gave up promises of better accuracy. Then Crosman came out with MPQ which was only sold in Russia, then came out with the second AEG the MP99Q only in Taiwan. Then came 4 more versions ending with the Lone Wolf series.





Versions:14-military and Crosman tactical