FPS (.20g): 240-270

Battery: 450 mAH 7.2v AEP type battery

Fire rate: ~800 RPM

Range: ~90 feet

Material: Metal gearbox, metal lower receiver and stock. Rest is polymer.

Weight: 1100 grams (2.4 pounds)

Magazine: 30 round stick mag and 300 rd drum mag

Length: 270mm, w/stock: 520mm

Barrel: 127mm

Adjustable hop-up, full, semi, and safety modes.

MSRP: $78



  • Most of the receiver is metal.
  • Comes with a hi-cap drum mag and a mid-cap stick mag.
  • Fine FPS for CQB
  • Tiny.
  • Good rate of fire


  • Handle is sort of wobbly. Magazine also has wobble.
  • Does not feed very reliably with the drum mag.
  • Makes a wimpy rasping sound.
  • Quality is poor compared to the JG version, let alone the Tokyo Marui version.

Rating: 7.9/10. I recommend spending extra money on a higher quality model, but this is fine as well.